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Intuitive Awareness

Ever had that gut feeling...?

You are out walking for exercise and get a strong feeling of uneasiness in the pit of your stomach. You later find out there was an accident on your walking route, right where you would have been at that time. Or perhaps when you are about to give a presentation to a room full of people you just know  the mood of the group and can adjust your presentation style accordingly. Or maybe, looking at your pet, you find that you start seeing images, hearing words, or sensing their feelings.....

All this is part of how our intuition works in our daily lives. Perhaps you have not realized or paid attention to what your body and mind is telling you. That nervous feeling in the pit of the stomach, or the knowingness you get when you are observing your pet is just some examples of our complex way of viewing the world. For some of us that have a physical disability , it is part of the way we hear, see, or interactive in our lives in order to understand what is going on around us. For others, they have always been sensitive, and want to learn how to manage it, or increase their awareness to have a more fullfilling life.

Society teaches us from a very young age to put much more value on what we see and hear, rather than what we FEEL, and as a result, a lot of us are not aware of or pay attention to our intuition. So even on those rare occasions when we do experience that inner knowing, or feel a bit of a nudge to move in a particular direction, we often don’t recognize it for what it is.

However, there are quite a few ways that you can strenghten your intuition, it's just like working a muscle at the gym. The key is consistency, so take the time to practice.

Learn to use your intuitive abilities in your daily life by practicing and learning many new techniques and sharing your experiences. Here are three tips that you can use now to help you get started. For more techniques and to practice using your inution, sign up for the meetup group!

  1. Meditate - Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, teach you to react more positively to daily situations, and calm your mind to help you access your inner knowing.
  2. Follow your intuition - When you get that small jolt of awareness, use it to tap into your intuition. Take the time to think about what your intution is trying to tell you. Write it down so you learn to recognize when your intuition is speaking to you.
  3. Appreciate the natural world around you - Just take a walk outside in the quietness of the woods, a park, a quiet lane, or other natural relaxing environment and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. As you take the time to appreciate it, you become more in tune with your intuitive side.
  4. Practice! - Like building a muscle, using this form of communication takes practice and consistency. Practice daily with your pet, your friend's pet and even with the wild animals you may see. Keep a journal to record your findings.

Intuitive Events and Workshops

Saturdays once a month - Follow on FB for scheduling.
1-3:30 p.m.

Continue exploring your intuitive side! These are interactive workshops, with experiential exercises used to help awaken and strengthen our inherent intuitive gifts.

In the case of inclement weather, please make sure you check the site before coming out.



Intuitive Awareness

is defined as the practice of mindful observation. When you develop your awareness, you enable yourself to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

About EquiSyn

The name EquiSyn comes from the combination of the words Equine and Synergy. It represents the synergistic connection that we have with our equine partners.

EquiSyn Coaching provides individual and group sessions utilizing the horses as our partners. It is an experiential way of coaching, using the Gestalt methodology. Learn to access your authentic self and bring intuitive awareness into your life.

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